Dhan Franchise or Sub Broker – Find Revenue Sharing, Security Deposit & more

Dhan Stocks Ltd brings a golden chance to create an additional revenue stream by becoming a Dhan Partner.

Dhan stocks (formerly called Indiabulls Securities Ltd.) is an India-based stock broker or a reputed platform where people love to trade and invest in the stock market.

If you can help the broker become more reputed and multiply customers, enter the Dhan Franchise program. The overall rating and benefits of the program are disclosed in this review. Take a look

Dhan Ratings
Experience 8.0 / 10
Trading Platform 7.6 / 10
Product & Services 7.8 / 10
Brokerage Charges 8.5 / 10
Research 7.5 / 10
Overall Rating 7.88 / 10
Star Rating ★★★★★
Customer Reviews 2738

What do you know about Dhan Franchise?

Dhan Franchise or partner program grants the status of Dhan Sub Broker to the eligible person who partners with Dhan stocks Ltd and meets the franchise goal of the company.

Dhani Sub BrokerThe program was commenced in 2009, and so far, Dhan Stocks Ltd has established 1800+ franchise outlets all over India.

As a partner program member, the eligible person will endeavor to draw more customers to the Dhan Stocks Platform. Sub-broker profit/commission/earnings are derived from the action taken by a prospective customer on the booking platform.

However, the partner program is subject to certain investments and conditions. Based on them all, the eligibility of an aspiring joiner comes to light.

Below we cover more critical information you must know if you are interested in the Dhan Stocks partner program.

Dhan Business Partner Overview
Here is the overview of the Dhan Franchise
Company Type Private
Broker Type Flat Fee Brokerage Firm
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Founder Pravin Jadhav
Established Year 2021

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    What are the various Business Models that Dhan Sub Broker Program provides?

    Like the previous one in Indiabulls Securities Ltd., there’s only one Dhan Franchise program named – the referral program.

    Simply refer the platform to the prospective customer, and describe the benefits of using the Dhan Stocks trading app. Influence and encourage them to take action by becoming one of Dhan stocks’ customers.

    Luckily if they are influenced and become an eligible referral, the partner retains a commission. The bigger the customer is, the higher the profitability of a franchise is.

    That’s why targeting a genuine client and avoiding unethical practices for revenue generation is worthwhile.

    The broker charges zero against trading account opening and Demat account opening. Thus it is expected that more customers will likely turn into prospective users of Dhan Stocks.

    Dhan Sub Broker or Dhan Partner & benefits

    Some notable benefits a person can access by being one of Dhan Sub Brokers deserve a quick recap. Since Dhan Stock’s partner program is based on a referral business model, you need not purchase or acquire a property on lease.

    No infrastructure investment and franchise fee need to be submitted. Only you need a website or a dedicated list of followers on social media platforms who listen to and respect your opinion.

    It hardly takes one month to set up your business model. Also, the validity of the partner program lasts for a lifetime. Besides attractive revenue sharing, sub-broker also gets a chance to make the most of their existing revenue from Dhan Stocks.

    How does Dhan Sub Broker Revenue Sharing work?

    The revenue-sharing model of Dhan Sub Broker is easy to understand. Since the broker runs a single business model for partners – the referral program, there’s only one commission rate paid to the customers.

    Such as, the broking partner retains 20%-40% of the total revenue made per referral client by Dhan Stocks. The broker keeps 60% to 80% of the revenue, and the remaining is shared with the sub-broker.

    Since it is a zero-investment franchise opportunity, you will be in a no-profit & no-loss zone in case you cannot attract even a single customer. However, any inactivity may lead to permanent suspension of the joiner from the partner program.

    Dhan Sub Broker Revenue Sharing
    Find the details of its Sub Broker Commission for all Business Models
    What is the revenue sharing for Sub Broker program? 20% – 40%
    Do they provide revenue sharing or direct pay for Referral Program? NA
    How much is the revenue sharing Master Franchise business? NA
    How much is the revenue sharing required for Partner / Remisier model? NA

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    What is the Dhan Business Partner Security Deposit requirement?

    Unlike other partner program, a Dhan Business Partner isn’t required to pay program fees. The broker runs only single – a referral business model.

    That’s why you may be required a website alone or an account on a social media platform to attract clients and refer them to the landing page of Dhan Stocks platforms.

    However, the cost of the website or social media, or paid campaigns is born of the partner’s own choices. The broker provides marketing material to ensure you can flexibly promote their products.

    Infrastructure Investment by Dhan Sub Brokers / Authorized Person

    You will automatically be granted the status of Dhan Authorised Person as you enroll in the Dhan Stocks partner program. But you don’t need to spend anything for infrastructure investment as no such conditions have been mandated here.

    Since the broker runs just a single referral program, you are only allowed to guide and answer the queries of your prospective customer.

    In comparison to other broker programs, your rights will be limited here. However, investment in digital infrastructure is the personal choice of the joiner.

    Dhan Franchise Security Deposit
    Check the Dhan Franchise cost requirement for each business model
    How much is security deposit required for Sub Broker Program? NA
    Is there any security deposit required for Referral Program? NA
    What is the initial investment required for Master Franchise Model? NA
    What is the deposit required for Partner / Remisier Model? NA

    What are the various Offers rolled out by Dhan Authorised Person Program?

    In case you are progressing pretty well as a Dhan Partner, you will be eligible for the undisclosed franchise offers. These offers may be offered to only those franchise partners generating more revenue for the broker, and Dhan Stocks Ltd is also expecting more from them.

    Offers can be anything from a customer’s commission hike (currently 20%-40% reserved). Alternatively, a bumper prize or a bonus can be issued. However, information is absent in this regard.

    Dhan Sub Broker Offers
    Here is the list of Dhan Franchise offers available to the clients
    Do they provide Flexible Revenue Sharing offer? Yes
    Are they providing Flat Revenue Sharing offer? No
    Do they offer Zero Revenue Sharing model with Prepaid payment? No
    Do they provide Zero Deposit scheme? No
    Are they offering 10k Initial Deposit scheme? Yes

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    Dhan Franchise Eligibility Criteria

    Here’s a walkthrough of eligibility criteria that will make you a legit Dhan Partner in the end –

    1. The applicant must be an Indian citizen
    2. He/she must be over 18+
    3. A well-established digital portfolio/website
    4. Original documentation to pass the eKYC
    5. A very small upfront charge or deposit

    Dhan Sub Broker Support / Advisory

    A dedicated support team and advisors actively assist each Dhan Sub Broker. An applicant is given quick training upon joining so that they can learn the process better.

    Hereafter, the franchise partners offer back-office, pricing, and marketing support (partially).

    However, no trading support, relationship manager support, or advisory support is offered as such support isn’t required for a referral program.

    How to become a Dhan Partner or Sub Broker?

    It is easy to become one of Dhan Franchise’s members. All you need to do is, comply with the standard application criteria.

    For this, you need to first ascertain your eligibility for the program. Eligible candidates can proceed with the application. So check

    • Are you a resident of India?
    • Do you have a bank account?
    • Are you above 18 years old?
    • Can you submit original documents as asked by Dhan stocks?
    • Do you trust the broker and its condition?
    • Do you have a website or an online portfolio?

    If yes, you can become Dhan Partner or a sub-broker.

    Documents required to become Dhan Partner

    An aspiring Dhan Partner may require standard documents to submit to proceed further. These documents are

    • An ID Proof – Aadhaar Card/Voter ID Card/ Passport
    • An Address Proof (Optional)
    • Pan Card (Original)
    • Bank Details
    • and other documents  

    Why Partner with Dhan?

    You must be interested in becoming a Dhan Sub Broker because it gives you several unique advantages. First, you don’t need to make an advance deposit, nor do you need to make a hefty investment that you can’t afford to risk at all.

    If you have a great online presence (a website, application, or even a social media account), you can promote Dhan Stocks there and secure a commission between 20%-40% at the same time.

    Simply paste the referral link on any best place you find on your platform and influence people to click on it and open a trading/Demat account at Dhan Stocks.

    The broker provides marketing material and support. In short, it is worthwhile to become one of Dhan’s partners.

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    Dhan Franchise – Pros & Cons

    These are the major pluses and minuses we found out about the Dhan Stocks franchise program –


    • There’s no advance payment or investment
    • Marketing material offered to franchise partners
    • 20%-40% attractive payouts
    • A broker with a well-built industry image
    • Product information training offered
    • No academic qualifications
    • Recurring commission until the client is active


    • A relatively less popular program
    • Only a single business model
    • Decent commission
    • Account suspension upon inactivity from the sub-broker

    Dhan Franchise Registration

    Any eligible application can become Dhan Authorised Person, and in case you are eligible too, you can proceed this way –

    1. To apply via online mode, simply reach out to the broker’s official website. Fill out the form online and submit it. Wait for the approval (it generally takes a month).
    2. To apply offline, locate the nearest branch of Dhan Stocks Ltd. Reach out and get the form. Fill out and submit to the center. A verification message will be sent either via SMS, Email, or By Post.

    Earning potential of a Dhan Partner / ROI

    Earning potential is relatively average in the Dhan Stocks partner program. Payout to the Dhan Partner starts from 20% and goes up to 40% once you achieve a certain milestone.

    But in case you are generating more than expected sales to the broker, you may be given a special offer by the official sales team of Dhan Stocks Ltd.

    Dhan Franchise Referral Program

    A Dhan Partner access only a single program – the referral program – at a commission rate between 20%-40% respectively. To become eligible for the program, you must have an existing website or portfolio with decent traffic or followers.

    The broker will provide you a referral link upon the application that needs to be placed on your website or your social media handles.

    Each time a client clicks on this link, he/she is converted into a prospective buyer of the Dhan services. Profit generated from this customer is then transferred to the sub-broker account by the end of the month.  

    Brokerage Charges levied on the clients of Dhan Partners

    Dhan levies a fixed amount on some kinds of trades and a fixed percentage on some.

    Under Dhan Partner Program, the clients of Dhan Partners are subject to pay the following sum or percentage in the form of brokerage.

    • Dhan Partner Clients can trade for free for equity delivery.
    • Rs 20 or 0.03% per executed order, whichever is lower is levied on Equity Futures Trading, Equity Intraday Trading, Currency Futures Trading, and Commodity Futures Trading.
    • A flat rate of Rs. 20 per executed order is charged for Equity Options Trading, Currency Options Trading, and Commodity Options Trading.
    Segment Charges
    Equity Delivery Trading Zero
    Equity Intraday Trading Rs 20 or 0.03% per executed order
    whichever is lower
    Equity Futures Trading Rs 20 per executed order or 0.03%
    per executed order, whichever is lower
    Equity Options Trading Rs 20 per executed order
    Currency Futures Trading Rs 20 per executed order or 0.03%
    per executed order, whichever is lower
    Currency Options Trading Rs 20 per executed order
    Commodity Futures Trading Rs 20 per executed order or 0.03%
    per executed order, whichever is lower
    Commodity Options Trading Rs 20 per executed order

    What are the Account Opening Charges Levied to the clients of Dhan Sub Broker?

    There’s good news for the clients of Dhan Sub Broker. The platform doesn’t charge advance payment (e.g., no Demat account opening charges and no trading account opening charges).

    Each Dhan user is charged for their real-time activity in the market. Such as Rs 20 are charged for options trading and certain commission are charged against equity investment. Besides, no AMC is levied.

    Dhan Demat Account Opening Fees
    Trading Charges [One Time] Rs 0
    Trading AMC [Yearly] Rs 0
    Demat Charges [One Time] Rs 0
    Demat AMC [Yearly] Rs 0
    Margin Money Not required

    The Dhan Authorised Person – Products Offered

    Dhan Franchise partner or authorized person are offered –

    • Equity Trading
    • Commodity Trading
    • Options Trading
    • Currency Trading
    • Futures
    • Mutual Funds
    • IPO

    The Dhan Authorized Person Testimonials

    Some Dhan Partners that are actively engaged with the partner program run by Dhan Stocks Ltd are also notable.

    These people have been connected with the broking firm for a long while and are thriving with this business model’s growth and revenue potential.

    Dhan Business Associate Conclusion

    Dhan is an emerging stock broking company. The company started the franchise program in 2009 and till now has established over 1800 franchise outlets all over India.

    The company offers a large number of products and services which the partners can offer to their clients. Further, the brokerage charged by the entity is also relatively lower.

    Dhan partners can benefit from the wide variety of opportunities available on this horizon and explore their options.

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