Anand Rathi Franchise or Sub Broker – Find Revenue Sharing, Security Deposit and more

Anand Rathi Franchise is one of the best Sub Broker companies in western India, especially if we consider Mumbai and its suburban areas.

Their primary business model is via Sub Broker services; however, they are also a Master Franchise. If you are interested, your initial investment should be at least ₹70,000 to ₹1,50,000.

The Anand Rathi Sub Broker revenue sharing ratio is somewhat considered to be lower than other companies, though.

You will be likely to earn 55% to 65%. Now, you have to wait for 30-45 day to get paid from them and they take between 2-3 weeks for the SB codes to get activated.

Anand Rathi Sub Broker Highlight
Top Business Model Sub Broker
Initial Investment Required Rs.70,000 – Rs.150,000
Revenue Sharing 55% – 65%
Payout Time 30-45 Days
SB Code Activation Time 2-3 Weeks

Anand Rathi Franchise SubBroker

What do you know about Anand Rathi Franchise?

Whether or not you are considering Anand Rathi Franchise as your business partner, it is essential to know about them. The company is publicly held, which was incorporated in the year 1994.

It was named after the charismatic Anand Rathi, who is also the founder of the company. The company headquarter is located in Mumbai.

Anand Rathi Sub Broker takes 2-3 weeks to activate the SB codes and take 30-45 days to pay you the revenue that you have earned.

Anand Rathi Business Partner Overview
Here is the overview of Anand Rathi Franchise
What type of Company is it? – Public / Private Public
What is the Broker type? Full Service Broker
Where is the Headquarter located? ‎Mumbai, India
Who is the Founder? Anand Rathi
What is the year of establishment? 1994
How many days does it take for SB Code Activation? 2-3 Weeks
How many days/weeks it takes for Payout? 30-45 Days

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    What are the various Business Models does Anand Rathi Sub Broker Program provides?

    They have 2 business models –

    • Sub Broker / Authorised Person
    • Master Franchise

    Unfortunately, their services are limited to these two services. They don’t offer any referral program, neither they can be referred to as a Remisier.

    Anand Rathi Sub Broker / Authorised Person

    Anand Rathi Franchise is primarily a Sub Broker. It means the company is a registered member of SEBI, and Anand Rathi hires them.

    Anand Rathi Master Franchise

    Anand Rathi Sub Broker is also a Master Franchise, and they are actively participating in the franchise activities which a company engaged them for.

    Anand Rathi Franchise Business Models
    Know about various Business Models of Anand Rathi
    Is the Sub Broker business model available? Yes
    Do they provide Referral Program? No
    Do they provide Master Franchise Model? Yes
    Does this broker provide Partner / Remisier model? No

    How does Anand Rathi Sub Broker Revenue Sharing work?

    As mentioned before, Anand Rathi Franchise revenue-sharing deals only in services related to Sub Broker and Master Franchise. As they don’t have any referral program, and neither they are a Remisier, the revenue sharing part does not apply to these services.

    Meanwhile, the Anand Rathi Sub Broker commission for their Sub Broker services ranges between 55% – 65%. Now, in the case of their Master Franchise services, they provide somewhere in between 60% to 75%.

    Anand Rathi Sub Broker Revenue Sharing
    Find the details of Anand Rathi Sub Broker Commission for all Business Models
    What is the revenue sharing for Sub Broker program? 55% – 65%
    Do they provide revenue sharing or direct pay for Referral Program? NA
    How much is the revenue sharing Master Franchise business? 60% – 75%
    How much is the revenue sharing required for Partner / Remisier model? NA

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    What is the Anand Rathi Business Partner Security Deposit requirement?

    When you consider the Anand Rathi Franchise cost, you think of the security deposits first, which in this case is between ₹70,000 to ₹1,50,000.

    The amount is neither too high nor too low. Now, as they don’t offer a referral program, security deposits do not apply here.

    The Anand Rathi Sub Broker investment for their Master Franchise varies between ₹5,00,000 to ₹8,00,000, which is definitely on the higher side. As discussed before, they are not a Remisier, so security deposits for this service are not applicable.

    Anand Rathi Franchise Security Deposit
    Check the Anand Rathi Franchise cost requirement for each business model
    How much is security deposit required for Sub Broker Program? Rs.70,000 – Rs.150,000
    Is there any security deposit required for Referral Program? NA
    What is the initial investment required for Master Franchise Model? Rs.500,000 – Rs.800,000
    What is the deposit required for Partner / Remisier Model? NA

    What are the various Offers rolled out by Anand Rathi Authorised Person Program?

    The Anand Rathi Sub Broker offers they provide are not many, but at the same time, the services they provide are efficient and purposeful.

    They provide flexible revenue sharing plans, which is very suited to their clients. Also, they provide 10k initial deposit as well, which is such a boost for new clients.

    However, Anand Rathi Franchise offers lacks some of the popular services like flat revenue sharing, zero-revenue sharing with prepaid, and zero deposit option.

    Anand Rathi Sub Broker Offers
    Here are the list of Anand Rathi Franchise offers available to the clients
    Do they provide Flexible Revenue Sharing offer? Yes
    Are they providing Flat Revenue Sharing offer? No
    Do they offer Zero Revenue Sharing model with Prepaid payment? No
    Do they provide Zero Deposit scheme? No
    Are they offering 10k Initial Deposit scheme? Yes

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    What are the various Supports provided to Anand Rathi Business Partner?

    If you are really interested in becoming a business partner, it would be best if you know the Anand Rathi Franchise support services they provide.

    The acquisition training, they provide in the first thing that you will get as business support. Then, there is the dealing training and also the product training to educate you about their services. The Anand Rathi Partner support services are also top-notch.

    First in that list is the back-office support service, which is followed by their trading support service. While they failed to provide advisory support, they compensate brilliantly by their effective marketing support services.

    Anand Rathi Business Partner Support
    Here are the various Support Anand Rathi Franchise needs to provide to their clients
    Do they provide Acquisition Training to their associates? Yes
    Do they provide Training for Dealers of their sub brokers? Yes
    Are they providing Product Training for their business partners? Yes
    Do they provide Back-Office Support for their authorised person? Yes
    Are they providing Trading Support to their business partners? Yes
    Are they sharing Advisory Support with their partners? No
    Does the broking house provide Marketing Support to their sub brokers? Yes

    Which is the Infrastructure required for Anand Rathi Sub Broker Program?

    Here, if you are serious about becoming a business partner, it would be best if you check out whether you meet the Anand Rathi Sub Broker Infra requirement demands.

    For that, you need to be sure that your business has a minimum of 3 employees; otherwise, they don’t entertain.

    There are some basic requirements too that you need to fulfill like whether or not you have trading terminals, you have a working internet connection, and telephones lines or not.

    Anand Rathi Partner requirement also demands you to have a dedicated research service team, and also, you must own an office facility of at least 200 square feet in area.

    Anand Rathi Partner Infrastructure Requirement
    Find the various Infra required to take up Anand Rathi Franchise
    What is the Employee Strength needed to start this franchise? Minimum 3
    Do the Sub Broker needs to provide Trading Terminals? Yes
    Is the Internet Connection mandatory to take up franchise? Yes
    Are Telephone Lines mandatory for Business Partners? Yes
    Is mandatory to provide Research Services by Sub Broker? Yes
    How much is the size of Office Area required to become a Sub Broker? Minimum 200 Sq Ft

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    What are the Eligibility Criteria to Become Anand Rathi Broking Partner?

    Before you apply, we suggest you take a look at the Anand Rathi Sub Broker eligibility criteria:

    • It is mandatory for you to be an active SEBI-registered member.
    • If you are below the age of 18, you are not eligible to apply. Additionally, if you are a Graduate, you will have more chances.
    • If you own a certificate in a financial institution, you will be preferred more.
    • Anand Rathi Sub Broker Franchise eligibility will not validate you if you have any financial or social grievances. Remember, they do a complete background check before accepting.

    What is the brokerage charges levied to the Clients of Anand Rathi Partners?

    It is time to discuss what Anand Rathi authorized person charges. For equity intraday, they charge a dynamic fee ranging from 0.05% -0.015%. Next, the equity delivery; they charge between 0.5% – 0.15%.

    Then there are the equity options which range between ₹20 to ₹75. The same range, which is ₹20 to ₹75, also applies for the currency options.

    The next dynamic price range is for equity futures, which is between 0.05% – 0.015%, and for currency futures, it is 0.05% – 0.015%. Finally, the Anand Rathi Partner charges for the commodities typically range between 0.008% – 0.05%.

    Anand Rathi Sub Broker – Brokerage Charges to Clients
    Here are the brokerage charges levied by Anand Rathi Sub Broker to their clients
    What are Equity Intraday charges? 0.05% -0.015%
    How much are Equity Delivery charges? 0.5% – 0.15%
    How much is the charge levied on Equity Options? Rs.75 to Rs.20
    How much are the Currency Options charges? Rs.75 to Rs.20
    What are Equity Futures charges? 0.05% – 0.015%
    What are the charges levied on Currency Futures? 0.05% – 0.015%
    What are the charges levied on Commodity Trading? 0.008% – 0.05%

    What is the Account Opening Charges Levied to the clients of Anand Rathi Sub Broker?

    Before you finalize the deal, it would be best if you check out the Anand Rathi Sub Broker charge. The Account Opening charge is ₹750, which we all agree is significantly higher than other companies.

    The same applies for the margin money threshold, which is a minimum of ₹25,000. Now, for the AMC of the Demat account, they charge ₹299 per annum, while the AMC for the Trading accounts is free of cost. Anand Rathi Franchise charges transaction fees as well, which is 0.003500%.

    Anand Rathi Franchise – Account Opening Charges to Clients
    Here are the account opening charges levied by Anand Rathi Franchise to their clients
    What are the Account Opening Charges? Rs.750
    What is the Margin Money required? Rs.25,000
    What is the charge for Demat AMC? Rs.299 per Annum
    how much are Trading AMC charges? Zero
    How much is the Transaction Charges levied? 0.00%

    What is the Customer Ratings of Anand Rathi Authorised Person Program?

    The overall Anand Rathi Franchise rating by the customers is 2.7 out of 5. This rating is considered weak, according to experts. They have got the highest score for the revenue sharing models, which is 2.9 out of 5.

    The rests are typically considered low. 2.5 out of 5 for the security deposits and the lowest among them is for the offers, which is 2.4 out of 5. The trading platforms & mobile app has also received poor ratings – 2.7 out of 5.

    Finally, the Anand Rathi Sub Broker review for their experience is only 2.8 out of 5, which is disappointing in one word.

    Anand Rathi Franchise Customer Ratings
    Find Client Ratings & Reviews against multiple parameters for Anand Rathi
    According to Revenue Sharing Model of the Franchisor 2.9 / 5
    Ratings as per Security Deposit provided by the company 2.5 / 5
    As per Experience in the Sub Broker Business 2.8 / 5
    As per Offers provided by the Broking Franchise 2.4 / 5
    Ratings as per Mobile Trading App & Trading Platforms 2.7 / 5
    Overall Ratings of the Sub Broker Franchise 2.7 / 5
    Star Ratings ★★★☆☆

    Anand Rathi Franchise Conclusion

    When we look at the overall ratings of Anand Rathi Sub Broker, it is easier to jump in the conclusion that they are an unreliable company to be associated with. But unfortunately, the ratings don’t tell you the whole story.

    We believe, Anand Rathi Franchise is still a trustworthy company. It is offering quality services for a very long time and has weathered many financial storms over the years.

    That said, they really need to work on improving their trading platforms and add some lucrative features, which will reinstate the success they used to get once.

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