Top 10 Sub Broker Franchise in India – Find Best Sub Brokership Providers

Are you wondering which are the top 10 Sub Broker Franchise in India? Are you looking for the best franchise to invest in and start your franchisee? If so read on.

This article below will give you all the details that you were looking for. This article contains details about the best sub brokers franchise in the country.

Broking Franchise Offers

The rating of the sub-broker franchise has been based on five criteria which are –

  • Revenue Share
  • Initial Investment Requirement
  • Offers
  • Experience of the broker
  • Trading Terminals & Apps offered by the broker

So, let’s see which are the top 10 Sub Broker Franchise.

List of Top 10 Sub Broker Franchise in India

Rank Broking House
1 Angel Broking Franchise
2 Sharekhan Franchise
3 Motilal Oswal Franchise
4 Kotak Securities Franchise
5 Karvy Franchise
6 Edelweiss Franchise
7 ICICI Direct Franchise
8 India Infoline Franchise
9 SMC Global Franchise
10 Axis Direct Franchise

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    Now Let’s check these parameters & find out which broker is winning the race in each one of them.

    Best Sub Broker Franchise with Highest Revenue Share

    Top 10 Sub Broker Franchise in IndiaWhen it comes to sub-broker franchise choices, the first thing that comes to mind is the revenue share. You as a sub-broker need to sell the products and services of the firm for generating revenue and a portion of the same is shared with you by the stock-broker as your remuneration.

    While choosing the stock-broker to associate with as a sub-broker, you need to check both the minimum and the maximum revenue the firm shares with its sub-brokers.

    The share of revenue mainly depends on the amount of security deposit the sub-broker keeps with the stockbroker.

    Generally, in the industry, the average minimum share of revenue is 50% that is the stock-broker, and the sub-broker shares the revenue in a 50:50 ratio.

    It can go up to 80:20 and beyond depending upon the security deposit and also on the amount of business the sub-broker brings into the broker.

    Amongst our top ten sub-broker franchises, the highest revenue-sharing stock-broker is SMC Global as it provides 75% of the revenue generated by the sub-brokers for them.

    However, Angel Broking which has topped the list shares up to 90% of the revenue with certain sub-brokers provided the business generated by them is of that figure.

    SMC Global provides a minimum revenue of 65% which is higher than all the others on the list. ICICI Direct also shares up to 75% of the revenue with the sub-brokers.

    Karvy shares a minimum of 60% of the share of revenue while Edelweiss shares 55% as the minimum keeping the maximum at 70%.

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    Top Sub Broker Franchise with Low-Security Deposit Requirement

    The second and equally important criterion which you need to check before choosing the sub-broker franchise is a security deposit.

    The security deposit is the amount that you pay to the stock-broker to get the rights of sub-brokership. It makes you eligible for selling the products and the services offered by the stock broker.

    The average minimum security deposit in the industry is between Rs. 50000 and Rs. 100000 but it can be lower than that as well.

    The maximum security deposit can go up to Rs. 300000 or above in the case of major stock brokers with huge goodwill and clientele.

    In our list, the lowest security deposit is charged by Angel Broking and Karvy, their minimum security deposit requirement is Rs. 50000.

    The maximum security deposit is charged by Motilal Oswal which is Rs. 3 lakhs. Sharekhan also takes Rs. 70000 as the minimum and others like Axis Direct, Kotak Securities, and Edelweiss takes Rs. 100000 as the minimum.

    Best Sub Brokership Providers with Long Experience

    In the stock market, if anything matters the most, then that is the experience. Whether the firm is a major one or a small local firm, experience counts the most.

    It is an experience that brings goodwill and brand value with it. While choosing a sub-broker franchise, you must take care of this criterion and choose accordingly.

    In our list the most experience stock-broker is Karvy who was started in the year 1983 followed by Angel Broking and Motilal Oswal, both started in 1987.

    All these three firms having more than three decades of experience in their kitty enjoys the brand value and are popular all over the country. They understand the need of the industry and their sub-brokers and facilitate them in various ways.

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      Top Stock Broking Franchise with Best Offers

      Sub-brokers franchise gets various offers from the stock-broker for joining their business. The offers are dependent on the amount of business they generate for the broker, prepayment, and deposit schemes.

      The most common offers are flexible revenue sharing, flat revenue sharing, sub-broker rights with no deposit, a 10K initial deposit scheme, and Zero Revenue sharing with prepayment.

      The first two offers are according to the amount of business the sub-broker generates for the broker. The deposit schemes are according to the budget of the sub-brokers.

      The best offers are provided by Angel Broking, Karvy, Axis Direct, Kotak Securities, and others.

      Angel Broking provides flexible revenue-sharing opportunities for clients who generate enormous revenue for the firm and also it also offers zero revenue sharing offer with prepaid payment.

      Kotak offers the same as Angel Broking. Karvy offers both flat and flexible revenue-sharing options.

      Top 10 Sub Broker Providers with Best Trading Terminals & Apps  

      Trading Platforms are inevitable in today’s stock market and trading industry. With every passing day, there are new technologies that are coming up and developers are making the trading platforms better with them.

      Trading platforms offer a wide range of trading activities, facilities, research and analysis tools and information, money-transferring facilities with security, and many others.

      These days, trading platforms are not only restricted to trading terminals but nowadays you can trade using your smartphone as well. So trading platform includes trading terminals, trading mobile application, and web browsers platform for trading.

      The main characteristics of the trading platform are watch screen where you can add all your stocks for tracking and trading. Then comes the charting tools, analytical tools, alerts, and others.

      The trading platforms need to be fast to capture the best prices, and user-friendly so that anybody can use them with minimum knowledge.

      The best trading platforms are offered by Motilal Oswal, ICICI Direct, India Infoline, Share Khan, and Angel Broking.

      These stock-brokers offers all kind of trading platforms. Motilal has even a trading application called Smart Watch Application. In this, you can get market information and updates on a watch which is incredible and one of a kind in the market.

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      Top 10 Sub Broker Franchise – Conclusion

      So, now when you are choosing the best sub-broker franchise for your business, do remember to check all these criteria and compare each of the sub-broker franchise details accordingly.

      It is important to consider all these parameters to make a wise decision about the sub-brokers franchise.

      If you have been aiming for high revenue share then you can choose SMS Global or a sub-broker franchise with the lowest security deposit, then you can choose Karvy accordingly.

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