Best Sub Brokership with Low Security Deposit or Franchise Cost

In this article, you will get to read about the Best Sub Brokership with lowest Broking Franchise Cost or Sub Broker Security Deposit in India.

Have you ever wondered being a Sub Broker or holding one of the Best Sub Brokership how you can increase your return on investment when the revenue share is the same of two stockbrokers? If you are not aware then read on.

The best and easiest way to increase your ROI is by choosing the stockbroker who has a lower security deposit requirement.

Broking Franchise Offers

The Sub Broker Security Deposit is the primary requisite to start the sub-broker franchise. It the amount that you have to pay to the stockbroker in order to get the rights of sub-broker.

The Broking Franchise Cost varies according to the type of stockbroker and its brand value and their business plans.

List of Best Sub Brokership with Low Security Deposit

Here are the list of 10 best sub brokership providers with lowest franchise cost.

RankSub Brokership
1Tradebulls Securities Sub Broker
2Choice Broking Sub Broker
3Angel Broking Sub Broker
4Sushil Finance Sub Broker
5Nirmal Bang Sub Broker
6Sharekhan Sub Broker
7Karvy Sub Broker
8Kotak Securities Sub Broker
9Indiabulls Ventures Sub Broker
10Motilal Oswal Sub Broker

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    Now, Lets have a detailed review of each of these 10 broking companies & we will try to understand why they are the top 10.

    Best Broking Franchise Cost – Rank 1 – Tradebulls Securities Sub Broker

    A ten years old firm formed by Dinesh Thakkar ranks first on our list of the sub-broker franchise by low security deposit. It charges Rs.60,000 as the minimum deposit for granting the sub-brokership franchise rights to them.

    The firm was established in the year 2009 with the base in Mumbai and it is a public organization. It shares revenue in the ratio of 55:45 as the minimum whereas it can go up to 70:30 ratio provided the sub-broker keeps the maximum deposit of Rs.150,000.

    Compared to other major brokers in the country, its maximum security deposit is on the lower side of the scale.

    Top Sub Broker Initial Investment – Rank 2 – Choice Broking Sub Broker

    Sub Broker Initial InvestmentChoice Broking is a reckoned stock-broker which provides sub-brokership franchise to the interested sub-brokers who deposits a minimum of Rs.15,000 only.

    Yes, you read that right, you can start your sub-brokership business with just this amount with Choice Broking.

    The firm is a three decades old firm with a huge network of clients and various investment solutions. The maximum deposit charged by the firm is only Rs.25,000 which is lower than the minimum deposit of the majority of the firms in the market.

    Surprisingly enough, the firm shares up to 80% of the revenue even after charging such low security deposit.

    Best Sub Broker Security Deposit – Rank 3 – Angel Broking Sub Broker

    The sub-broker franchise of Angel broking can be started with Rs.50,000 only. The maximum investment a sub-broker can do is up to Rs.150,000 and it is up to his discretion.

    The trading terminals of the firm has been designed specifically keeping in mind the simplicity.

    At the same time, advancement in technology and trading has also been incorporated in them and the firm shares revenue up to 70:30 ratio.

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    Top Broking Franchise Cost – Rank 4 – Sushil Finance Sub Broker

    Sushil Finance is a stock-broker in the public domain. It is a Visakhapatnam based firm which started in the year 1995 by Satish Kumar Arya. The firm charges a minimum deposit for providing sub-brokership rights which is Rs.50,000.

    The firm has kept no bar on the maximum deposit and it is at the sub-broker’s budget and business goals. It offers various facilities apart from the revenue share which the sub-brokers generate for the firm.

    Against the minimum security deposit, the firm’s revenue structure is a 60:40 ratio, where the firm keeps 40% of the revenue and share the major portion of 60% with the sub-broker.

    Best Franchise Initial Investment – Rank 5 – Nirmal Bang Sub Broker

    You can start Nirmal Bang sub-brokership franchise with a security deposit of Rs.75,000 which is a little higher than the other firms of the same stature.

    However, it has 35 years of experience in its kitty which may justify this little extra security deposit that they charge. They offer various facilities to the sub-brokers as well.

    The maximum deposit against which you can earn 70% of the revenue from the stock-broker is Rs.200,000. You can keep any amount as a deposit within this range mentioned.

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      Best Sub Broker Security Deposit – Rank 6 – Sharekhan Sub Broker

      The firm based out of Mumbai is a major share broker in the country and you can get its sub-broker franchise for Rs.70,000 only.

      Being a huge brand in the stock market, Sharekhan comparatively charges very less deposit and thus it ranks 6th on our list.

      The firm has kept Rs.100,000 as its maximum deposit against which it shares up to 75% of the revenue which is incredible.

      Moreover, the firm generates the code of the sub-brokers within just 15 days which is another benefit for the sub-brokers franchises.

      Best Broking Franchise Cost – Rank 7 – Karvy Sub Broker

      It is a stockbroking firm which has its history since 1983 when it was started by C Parthasarathy in the city of Hyderabad. The firm takes only Rs.50,000 as a security deposit amount to grant the sub-brokership rights.

      Karvy shares a high revenue share with the sub-brokers against the security deposit which is low as you can see.

      The firm also various support to the sub-brokers starting from their product training to marketing needs.

      Top Sub Broker Initial Investment – Rank 8 – Kotak Securities Sub Broker

      It provides sub-brokership rights against Rs.100,000 as the minimum security deposit which can be increased up to Rs.300,000.

      This firm ranks 8th on our list because of the high security deposit it charges from the sub-brokers compared to other major firms.

      However, the firm provides various offers like flexible revenue sharing and Zero revenue sharing prepayment to satisfy the sub-brokers.

      Their security deposit though a little high but they also extend facilities like product training, back-office support, marketing support and many more.

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      Best Franchise Security Deposit – Rank 9 – Indiabulls Ventures Sub Broker

      With the experience of 35 years in hand, Indiabulls Ventures is stock broking and mainly a financial service firm that most of us know about.

      This Mumbai based firm takes a security deposit at par with the market which is Rs.50,000 and the same can go up to Rs.200,000. The firm offers prepaid and Zero Revenue sharing offers as well.

      Best Sub Broker Franchise Cost – Rank 10 – Motilal Oswal Sub Broker

      In order to start the sub-broker franchise of Motilal Oswal, you need to deposit Rs.300,000. It ranks last on our list because of its huge security deposit requirement.

      The firm takes around 14 days to generate the sub-brokers code once you deposit the money with them.

      Being a firm with more than 30 years of experience, it knows it’s worth and justifies the high security deposit amount with constant support and enormous network and lucrative offers and facilities.

      Top 10 Brokers with Best Initial Investment – Conclusion

      In the end, we can say, that before choosing Best Sub Brokership with low security deposit, you must go through the list above and compare each of the ten sub-brokership franchise with their pros and cons.

      Sub Broker Cost is something that no one can avoid but with proper research, you can reduce it and increase your ROI by putting in your hard work to it.

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