Geojit Finance Franchise or Sub Broker – Find Revenue Sharing, Security Deposit & more

This article talks about the Geojit Finance Franchise and all that you need to know about being associated with them.

In case you are interested in becoming a Sub broker with some stock broking company and still speculating as to which one would be best suited for you, this article will be able to help you with your decision.

Here you will know the procedure of enrollment, the cost of enrolling, the infrastructure investment that you need to make and also the revenue sharing percentage that you can expect from them.

In a nutshell, this article gives you a complete insight into the Geojit Finance Sub Broker model and its working.

Geojit Finance Sub Broker Highlight
Top Business Model Sub Broker
Initial Investment Required Rs.50,000 – Rs.150,000
Revenue Sharing 50% – 70%
Payout Time 20 Days
SB Code Activation Time 35 Days

Geojit Finance Franchise SubBroker

What do you know about Geojit Finance Franchise?

Geojit Finance is a Public Full-service broker based out of Kochi, Kerala. The company’s founder, Mr.  Balakrishnan A established this financial base in the year 2000 and ever since its been growing its wings in the financial space.

It is a very famous and popular company in Kerala and Chennai and the network is also increasing. If you are planning to enrol with them as a Geojit Finance Sub Broker, you surely will not regret on your decision.

They have regular payment cycles on a monthly basis, which means that you will be paid your commissions within 30 days of the date of transactions.

Moreover becoming a Geojit Finance Franchise is a very simple task as well, all you need to do is fill your details on their website and someone from their sales team will get in touch with you.

Geojit Finance Business Partner Overview
Here is the overview of Geojit Finance Franchise
What type of Company is it? – Public / Private Public
What is the Broker type? Full Service Broker
Where is the Headquarter located? Kochi, Kerala
Who is the Founder? Balakrishnan A
What is the year of the establishment? 2000
How many days does it take for SB Code Activation? 35 Days
How many days/weeks it takes for Payout? 20 Days

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    What are the various Business Models that Geojit Finance Sub Broker Program provides?

    Goejit Finance Operates with 3 distinct business models namely:

    • Sub Broker / Authorised Person
    • Master Franchise
    • Remisier

    Geojit Finance Sub Broker / Authorised Person

    A Sub Broker is a company or individual who takes up a license from the company to become their authorized partner and trade on the company’s behalf.

    A Geojit Finance Sub Broker would have complete access to the company’s trading terminals and portals and can assist customers to trade effectively using them.

    Geoit Finance Master Franchise

    A Master Franchise is more like a distributor. He would have further Sub brokers or Remisiers under their umbrella as well. They operate like a mini Broker itself operating mainly in a specific region and all Sub Brokers under their region would report into them for support.

    Geojit Finance Remisier

    A Remisier is more like a commissioned agent working with the Stock Broker on commission basis. They do not get any access or licenses of the terminals and portals of the broker and neither do they have any minimum targets to achieve.

    Geojit Finance Franchise Business Models
    Know about various Business Models of Geojit Finance
    Is the Sub Broker business model available? Yes
    Do they provide Referral Program? No
    Do they provide Master Franchise Model? Yes
    Does this broker provide Partner / Remisier model? Yes

    How does Geojit Finance Sub Broker Revenue Sharing work?

    The Geojit Finance Franchise Revenue sharing structure is different for all the three business models. The Master Franchise gets the maximum share as he operates completely as a Broker himself, he gets around 70-80% of the revenue generated.

    Geojit Finance Sub broker Commission is around 50% – 70% as this model also works wholly & independently with their clients.

    The Remisier gets the least share i.e. 20% of the revenue generated as it is only the customer facing role that the Remisier does; the backend work is all done by the company.

    Geojit Finance Sub Broker Revenue Sharing
    Find the details of its Sub Broker Commission for all Business Models
    What is the revenue sharing for Sub Broker program? 50% – 70%
    Do they provide revenue sharing or direct pay for Referral Program? NA
    How much is the revenue sharing Master Franchise business? 70% -80%
    How much is the revenue sharing required for Partner / Remisier model? 20%

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    What is the Geojit Finance Business Partner Security Deposit requirement?

    Like the revenue sharing structure, even the Geojit Finance Sub Broker Investment requirement would change as per the business models.

    Here, the Remisier has the least amount of obligation; he needs to pay only Rs. 15000 as the security deposit amount and can get started.

    The Sub Broker needs to pay around Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 150,000 as the initial security deposit to get his license.

    The Master Franchise, however, needs to shell out the maximum amount as the Geojit Finance Franchise cost which ranges between Rs. 3Lac to Rs. 5Lac as well since he gets full control and access to the systems.

    Geojit Finance Franchise Security Deposit
    Check the Geojit Finance Franchise cost requirement for each business model
    How much is the security deposit required for Sub Broker Program? Rs.50,000 – Rs.150,000
    Is there any security deposit required for Referral Program? NA
    What is the initial investment required for Master Franchise Model? Rs.300,000 – Rs.500,000
    What is the deposit required for the Partner / Remisier Model? Rs.15000

    What are the various Offers rolled out by Geojit Finance Authorised Person Program?

    Geojit Finance introduces various offers and schemes for its business partners time and again to ensure that they get value for money with them.

    As a part of the Geojit Finance Sub Broker offer, the company boasts of a completely flexible and transparent revenue sharing model.

    They do not offer flat revenue sharing model and the Zero Revenue Sharing with Prepaid model as well. Every Sub broker, Remisier or Mast franchise can negotiate and strike a good deal with respect to their commission percentages.

    One of the other Geojit Finance Franchise offers is that they also offer a 10K initial deposit option for someone who is in need and wants to start off immediately.

    Geojit Finance Sub Broker Offers
    Here is the list of Geojit Finance Franchise offers available to the clients
    Do they provide a Flexible Revenue Sharing offer? Yes
    Are they providing Flat Revenue Sharing offers? No
    Do they offer the Zero Revenue Sharing model with Prepaid payment? No
    Do they provide the Zero Deposit scheme? No
    Are they offering a 10k Initial Deposit scheme? Yes

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    What are the various Supports provided to Geojit Finance Business Partner?

    Geojit finance is an extremely helpful organisation and they believe in working closely with their business partners to make them grow along with self.

    They help their sub brokers and Mast franchises in the initial Product training as well as regular training sessions which could include training for acquisition, dealer trainings etc.

    Back office support and complete end-to-end trading support become an integral part of the Geojit Finance Partner Support system.

    They also help in marketing and campaigning by providing banners, hoardings, brochures and pamphlets to the Sub Brokers.

    Such kind of support is included in the Geojit Finance Franchise Support framework.

    Geojit Finance Business Partner Support
    Here are the various Support Geojit Finance Franchise needs to provide to their clients
    Do they provide Acquisition Training to their associates? Yes
    Do they provide Training for Dealers of their sub brokers? Yes
    Are they providing Product Training for their business partners? Yes
    Do they provide Back-Office Support for their authorized person? Yes
    Are they providing Trading Support to their business partners? Yes
    Are they sharing Advisory Support with their partners? No
    Does the broking house provide Marketing Support to their sub brokers? Yes

    Which is the Infrastructure required for Geojit Finance Business Associate?

    While there is no need for a Remisier to adhere to any of the following infrastructure mandates, but for the other business partners it is imperative for them to maintain the Geojit Finance Sub Broker Infra Requirement.

    The Master franchise and the sub broker is expected to have a dedicated office space of atleast 200 sq ft area for this business. The office should also have atleast 2-3 employees working for this project exclusively.

    Rest other basics like telephone lines, internet connection and access to trading terminals are also some of the basic Geojit Franchise Partner Requirement. Research services are although not a mandate for either of the business partners.

    Geojit Finance Partner Infrastructure Requirement
    Find the various Infra required to take up Geojit Finance Franchise
    What is the Employee Strength needed to start this franchise? Minimum 3
    Do the Sub Broker needs to provide Trading Terminals? Yes
    Is the Internet Connection mandatory to take up a franchise? Yes
    Are Telephone Lines mandatory for Business Partners? Yes
    Is it mandatory to provide Research Services by Sub Broker? No
    How much is the size of the Office Area required to become a Sub Broker? Minimum 200 Sq Ft

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    What is the Eligibility Criteria to Become Geojit Finance Partner?

    Geojit Finance is extremely stringent when it comes to the eligibility criteria of its partners. Having three distinct business models means that they also need to have a distinct criterion for each of them:

    Remisier: Only education qualification of 10+2 is a mandate. No experience or financial backup is required.

    Sub broker: Apart from the minimum qualification, some bit of relevant work experience and knowledge about the stock market is one of the Geojit Finance Sub Broker Eligibility criteria.

    Master Franchise: The Master Franchise, however, can be given to someone who has in-depth knowledge of the financial business and the stock markets as well. The Geojit Finance Franchise Eligibility is a little different than the other partner models.

    He should have worked with some broking house earlier dealing with stock products and should also be willing to put in some capital in the business as expected.

    What is the brokerage charges levied to the Clients of Geojit Finance Partners?

    The Geojit Finance Partner charges are at par with most of the players in the industry. The Equity Intraday and Futures are charged at 0.030% of the transaction value; for Equity Delivery and Currency Futures, they charge at 0.30% of the trade value.

    For Equity options trading, they charge Rs. 75 per lot irrespective of the trade value and for Currency options they charge Rs. 15 per lot.

    Such are the Geojit Finance Authorised Person Charges which are good news for your customers as they can rest assured that they are not charged any more than the rest of the investors.

    Geojit Finance Sub Broker – Brokerage Charges to Clients
    Here are the brokerage charges levied by Geojit Finance Sub Broker to their clients
    What are Equity Intraday charges? 0.030%
    How much are Equity Delivery charges? 0.30%
    How much is the charge levied on Equity Options? Rs.75 per lot
    How much are the Currency Options charges? Rs.15 per lot
    What are Equity Futures charges? 0.030%
    What are the charges levied on Currency Futures? 0.030%
    What are the charges levied on Commodity Trading? NA

    What is the Account Opening Charges Levied to the clients of Geojit Finance Sub Broker?

    For account opening, the process with Geojit Finance is a very simple ad that can be done online without the need to visit any branch. They charge Rs. 350 towards the Account opening charges, however, the trading account AMC is free for lifetime.

    But they do charge an AMC of Rs. 400 per annum towards Demat account maintenance. The trade transaction charges are also very low as compared to others i.e. 0.00311% of the Total Turnover done. These are some of the Geojit Finance Franchise charges.

    Geojit Finance Franchise – Account Opening Charges to Clients
    Here are the account opening charges levied by Geojit Finance Franchise to their clients
    What are the Account Opening Charges? Rs.350
    What is the Margin Money required? Rs.15,000
    What is the charge for Demat AMC? Rs.400 per Annum
    how much are Trading AMC charges? Free
    How much is the Transaction Charges levied? 0.00311% of Total Turnover

    What is the Customer Ratings of Geojit Finance Authorised Person Program?

    Customer ratings are something everyone looks for these days to get an honest opinion about the product or service.

    Similarly, the Geojit Finance Franchise Rating would be able to help you decide whether this would be the right solution for you.

    This company gets an overall rating of 3.2 as against 5. For their revenue sharing model and offers, they get a 3.3 rating and for a security deposit, the rating is 3.2.

    They have got their maximum ratings for their Mobile apps and trading platforms i.e. 3.5 on 5, which means that people find value in their trading tools.

    Geojit Finance Franchise Customer Ratings
    Find Client Ratings & Reviews against multiple parameters for Geojit Finance
    According to Revenue Sharing Model of the Franchisor 3.3 / 5
    Ratings as per Security Deposit provided by the company 3.2 / 5
    As per Experience in the Sub Broker Business 3.1 / 5
    As per Offers provided by the Broking Franchise 3.3 / 5
    Ratings as per Mobile Trading App & Trading Platforms 3.5 / 5
    Overall Ratings of the Sub Broker Franchise 3.2 / 5
    Star Ratings ★★★☆☆

    Geojit Finance Business Associate Conclusion

    The Geojit Finance Franchise is definitely something that you should explore if you plan to become a Sub Broker. The fact that they have three business models; it gives you better opportunities to try in each segment.

    To conclude, it is surely a growing company and at this juncture, the Geojit Finance Sub Broker program will surely benefit anyone.

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