Top 5 Associate Partner Program in India – Find Best Remisier Program Now!

Are you looking for low-investment business opportunities with a stock broker? If yes, then Associate Partner Program or Remisier program is the right kind of business for you.

In this article, we have analyzed the Top 5 Associate Partner Programs. Here you can see their ranking. The analysis and rankings have been done based on 5 criteria which will be discussed in the next section.

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What is Associate Partner Program or Remisier Program?

Associate PartnerRemisier is no one but the agent of the stock-broker and it is one of the lowest investment Partner Programs available from the stock-brokers.

Under this program, your primary job of yours is to get clients for the firm to whom the firm can sell its products and services.

You have to initially pitch about the firm and the products and other services it offers and the final deal is carried on directly between the client you brought and the company itself.

So, you must be wondering now, how can you be benefited from this kind of program, isn’t it? Associate Partners have the benefit of investing the lowest amount to get the partnership rights with the firm compared to sub-brokership franchises.

However, they earn a significant percentage of the revenue the company generates from the client they brought in. Moreover, there is no requirement of setting up an office or any kind of infrastructural requirements are not there.

Top 5 Associate Partner Programs in India – List of Best Remisier Programs

Here is the list of Best Partner Programs or Remisier Programs in India –

Rank Partner Program / Remisier
1 Zerodha Associate Partner
2 Upstox Associate Partner
3 My Value Trade Associate Partner
4 Alice Blue Online Associate Partner
5 5Paisa Associate Partner

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    Here are the 5 criteria based on which the above ranking has been made –

    • Revenue Sharing
    • Security Deposit
    • Experience
    • Offers
    • Trading Apps & Terminal

    Let’s have a detailed analysis of these criteria & why these broking houses is better than others in the criteria.

    Best Associate Partner with High Revenue Sharing

    Revenue earned from Remisier program is moderate. Revenue sharing under Remisier program is not as high as sub-broker franchises.

    However, the percentage of the revenue you get as a Remisier is justifiable compared to a sub-broker’s revenue share because you do not have to put in all the hard work like him or her.

    As Remisier, you have to bring in clients to the company and pitch an overall idea of the products and services. The firm then takes over and tries to crack the deal.

    If the firm can sell certain products and services to the client brought by you, you will have a portion of the revenue generated from that sale.

    The percentage can vary from 10% to 30% as the average while it can shoot up as well depending upon the amount of business generated by the Remisier and also the revenue model of the stock-broker.

    In our list, all the Top 5 Associate Partner Program pays handsomely where the average is 30% of the revenue share.

    Alice Blue Online needs a special mention here, as it shares 30% as the minimum portion of the revenue while the same can go up to 50% which is the highest in the market under this Remisier Program.

    Upstox which is ranked second on your list also pays up to a whopping 40% to the Remisier Program partners.

    While My Value Trade pays a flat 25% for all the deals under Remisier Program Zerodha and 5Paisa which are the first and fifth ones on the list pays the range of 10% to 30%.

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    Top Remisier Program with Low-Security Deposit

    The most important benefit of the Remisier Program is the security deposit being so low. Remisier Program partners need to deposit around Rs. 10000 to Rs. 20000 as the maximum security deposit to get the rights to act as the agent of the stock broker.

    While there are a few firms that do not even charge any security deposit from the Remisier and one such name is My Value Trade which is on our list.

    It charges no money for the registration and as an investment to start the business but shares up to 25% which is incredible on its own.

    Apart from this, all the other four Remisier Programs on our can be joined with Rs. 11000 and to join 5Paisa you would need only Rs. 10000.

    The security deposit is low in this program due to the engagement of the partner in the business and the risk involved.

    The partners are also not required to build an office or infrastructure for the business, so there is no investment involved regarding that compared to a sub-brokers franchise.

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      Best Associate Partner with high Experience

      Whether you become a Remisier, sub-broker, or any other kind of business partner of stock-brokers, one criterion you cannot miss out on checking is their experience in the business. Here, the experience cannot be only quantitative but you have to look for qualitative experience as well.

      As per our analysis, though Alice Blue Online is the oldest firm amongst the five ranked on our list, the most experienced in terms of generating business, bringing in new technologies and investment schemes would be Zerodha while the latter was established four years later in 2010.

      The newest firm on the list is Upstox but is an establishment of the Tata Group which makes it universally accepted it already has a huge brand value and worth in the market and it was established in the year 2011.

      My Trade Value is the newest of all being founded in 2015 which is 4 years back from now. However, it has created its niche in the market with a flat 25% revenue sharing with Remisier.

      Top Remisier Program with Exclusive Offers

      Partner Program associates or the Remisiers are showered with various lucrative offers from the stock-brokers. Generally, the Remisiers gets flexible revenue sharing offers on generating havoc business for the company.

      It is also common to see offers related to security deposits like an initial deposit or Zero deposit schemes. In our list, all the best partner programs get offers related to Flexible revenue sharing and a 10k initial deposit.

      While the first offers make them dedicated to their work as they can earn more if they get more clients, the latter one helps them start their business with only Rs. 10000 even if the security deposit requirement is higher.

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      Stock Broking Partner with Best Trading Apps & Platforms

      Trading applications and platforms are one of the main products and services offered by any stock-broker in today’s time. Without trading platforms, trading activity is not possible.

      So, when choosing the stock-broker for whom you want to act as a Remisier, you need to check their trading terminals and applications as you have to pitch those things to clients.

      While Upstox has a variety of trading platforms starting from trading terminals of a different kind, they also have mobile and browser platforms, the other four stock-brokers are also equipped with the newest trading platforms.

      Zerodha’s Kite 3.0 is one of the most upgraded browser-based trading applications. Likewise, technology is one of the main concern of the stock-brokers, and also you who wants to join as Remisier must look for the best trading platforms while choosing your business partner.

      Best Associate Partner or Remisier Program – Conclusion

      While all the five names above are Best Associate Partner Program, however, Upstox and Zerodha are superior because of their humongous products and services offerings and also the brand value and trading platforms they provide.

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