Sharekhan Franchise or Sub Broker – Find Revenue Sharing, Security Deposit and more

Sharekhan Franchise has been the pioneer of many financial trading revolutions in India. Their feats even include the nation’s introduction to online trading.

And, that’s just the icing on the cake. They have been at the center of many such financial transitions. In short, they’re known for their unconventional ways. And, we can say that they’re at the zenith of success.

However, we won’t be focusing much on their success today. We’ll highlight their strategies as financial franchisers. And, we’ll do so with the help of a thorough review.

Sharekhan Franchise Highlight
Top Business Model Sub Broker
Initial Investment Required Rs. 50,000
Revenue Sharing 60% – 70%
Payout Time 33 Days
SB Code Activation Time 15 Days

Sharekhan Franchise SubBroker

What do you know about Sharekhan Franchise?

Sharekhan Franchise was founded by its founder Shripal Morakhia in 2000. They’ve been operating as a full-service financial broker ever since. However, they’ve even bifurcated their business to being a financial franchise.

they’re known to be the largest financial franchiser in India. And that’s where our prime interests are for this article. Sharekhan operates from its headquarters based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. They’ve displayed tremendous growth over the past 19 years.

And, they’ve catered to a large variety of clients as well. As a financial franchiser, they seek 15 days to activate a new Sub Broker’s code. They even need 33 days for the dues clearance of their partners.

Sharekhan Business Partner Overview
Here is the overview of Sharekhan Franchise
What type of Company is it? – Public / Private Private
What is the Broker type? Full Service Broker
Where is the Headquarter located? Mumbai, India
Who is the Founder? Shripal Morakhia
What is the year of establishment? 2000
How many days does it take for SB Code Activation? 15 Days
How many days/weeks it takes for Payout? 33 Days

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    What are the various Business Models that Sharekhan Sub Broker Program provides?

    Sharekhan Franchise has been in the industry for almost two decades. They’ve seen the best and the worst of the industry. And, yet they’ve managed to strive. A lot of the credit for this goes to their will for sustenance. And, this will come from their experience.

    That’s why they prefer to keep control of themselves. Thus, they grant their business partners merely one business model. We’re talking about the Sharekhan sub-broker model.

    • Sub Broker / Authorised Person

    Sharekhan Sub Broker / Authorised Person

    This caters to merely one type of partner. And, the franchise is okay with it. This allows the partners to extend all the services on the franchiser’s behalf.

    This even allows them to grant the clients some extra perks. These perks can be service charge discounts or extra benefits.

    And, they help to retain clients with ease. However, this model does not grant area-wise business authority.

    This means that multiple sub brokers can function within the same geographical limits. On the bright side, the franchiser pays off great commission rates.

    Sharekhan Franchise Business Models
    Know about various Business Models of Sharekhan
    Is the Sub Broker business model available? Yes
    Do they provide Referral Program? No
    Do they provide Master Franchise Model? No
    Does this broker provide Partner / Remisier model? No

    How does Sharekhan Sub Broker Revenue Sharing work?

    The franchiser is well aware of the requirement for categories within partners. That’s why they grant different commission rates to different partners.

    And, the parameters for difference are set by the security deposit paid. Sharekhan franchise revenue sharing grants a commission rate of 60-70%.

    Sharekhan Sub Broker Revenue Sharing
    Find the details of Sharekhan Sub Broker Commission for all Business Models
    What is the revenue sharing for Sub Broker program? 60% – 70%
    Do they provide revenue sharing or direct pay for Referral Program? NA
    How much is the revenue sharing Master Franchise business? NA
    How much is the revenue sharing required for Partner / Remisier model? NA

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    What is the Sharekhan Business Partner Security Deposit requirement?

    Sharekhan Franchise partners must pay a certain amount to get the business rights. We’re talking about the Sharekhan Franchise cost to be endured.

    You may even refer to this as the security deposit. This deposit lays the foundation on which the partners are categorized.

    And, these categories determine the commission rates they get. So, the security deposit amount varies from Rs.50,000.

    Sharekhan Franchise Security Deposit
    Check the Sharekhan Franchise cost requirement for each business model
    How much is the security deposit required for Sub Broker Program? Rs.50,000
    Is there any security deposit required for Referral Program? NA
    What is the initial investment required for Master Franchise Model? NA
    What is the deposit required for Partner / Remisier Model? NA

    What are the various Offers rolled out by Sharekhan Authorised Person Program?

    Many franchisers grant their partners business offers. These offers help the partners to frame their businesses. And, these can be relied upon for swift growth.

    However, there aren’t numerous Sharekhan Franchise offers for the partners to rely upon. There is only one offer that the franchiser grants. We’re referring to the flexible revenue-sharing model.

    Sharekhan Sub Broker Offers
    Here is the list of Sharekhan Franchise offers available to the clients
    Do they provide Flexible Revenue Sharing offer? Yes
    Are they providing Flat Revenue Sharing offer? No
    Do they offer Zero Revenue Sharing model with Prepaid payment? No
    Do they provide Zero Deposit scheme? No
    Are they offering 10k Initial Deposit scheme? No

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    What are the various Supports provided to Sharekhan Partner?

    The franchiser does have a soft corner for their partners. They know how granting even the least support can bring about great changes. And, they implement it throughout their business.

    That’s why the list of Sharekhan franchise’s support initiates is a large one. It includes: –

    • Product Training
    • Back Office Support
    • Trading Support
    • Advisory Support
    • Marketing Support
    Sharekhan Business Partner Support
    Here are the various Support Sharekhan Franchise needs to provide to their clients
    Do they provide Acquisition Training to their associates? No
    Do they provide Training for Dealers of their sub brokers? No
    Are they providing Product Training for their business partners? Yes
    Do they provide Back-Office Support for their authorised person? Yes
    Are they providing Trading Support to their business partners? Yes
    Are they sharing Advisory Support with their partners? Yes
    Does the broking house provide Marketing Support to their sub brokers? Yes

    Which is the Infrastructure required for Sharekhan Sub Broker Program?

    Sharekhan has strict requirements related to the business establishment. And, the requirements include infra, investment, and eligibility from partners.

    Talking of which, they need certain business infra establishment from all partners. And, the Sharekhan sub-broker infra requirements list goes as: –

    • The recruitment of certain employees. Sharekhan requires their partners to have at least 3 employees. This is mandatory for all partners. These employees must be well-trained in the financial services industry.
    • Ownership of certain office areas. This is required to establish the basic business-related infrastructure. The office must at least be 150 sq. ft.
    • Establishment of certain trading terminals. The terminal must add value to the office infrastructure. Thus, they must be built as per industry standards.
    • Establishment of a working telephone line. This is needed for communications purposes.
    • Establishment of a working internet connection. This is needed to support several online trades. It must even support multiple trades and communication simultaneously.
    Sharekhan Partner Infrastructure Requirement
    Find the various Infra required to take up Sharekhan Franchise
    What is the Employee Strength needed to start this franchise? Minimum 3
    Do the Sub Broker needs to provide Trading Terminals? Yes
    Is the Internet Connection mandatory to take up franchise? Yes
    Are Telephone Lines mandatory for Business Partners? Yes
    Is it mandatory to provide Research Services by Sub Broker? No
    How much is the size of Office Area required to become a Sub Broker? Minimum 150 Sq Ft

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    What are the eligibility criteria to become Sharekhan Partner?

    Sharekhan, as told before has some strict rules for the partners. These rules even apply to the selection of partners. And, they do a fine job of helping Sharkhan select the best.

    We’re saying that all partners must abide by certain norms. They must even follow the eligibility criteria before enrolling. This is how the Sharekhan franchise’s eligibility criteria look: –

    • People of 21 years and above are allowed to register. Applicants must provide their age proof during the registration process.
    • Only people with a certain educative background are allowed to register. The partners must at least have an intermediate degree. However, people with a bachelor’s degree are preferred as partners.
    • People with 2 consecutive years of experience can register. The applicant must prove their experience in the financial services field.
    • Only people with a certificate from SEBI are allowed to register. This allows the partners to act freely and legally.

    What are the brokerage charges levied on the Clients of Sharekhan Franchise?

    Sharekhan franchise has simple yet strict rules regarding service charges. And, these rules apply to all partners.

    These keep the sense of integrity within their business network intact. And, these even allow the clients to be treated equally. Here’s what the Sharekhan partner charges list looks like: –

    • The clients must be charged 0.10% for equity intraday.
    • Clients must be charged 0.50% for equity delivery.
    • The clients must be charged Rs. 50 per lot for equity options.
    • Clients must be charged Ts. 30 per lot for currency options.
    • The clients must be charged 0.10% for equity futures.
    • Clients must be charged 0.10% for currency futures.
    • The clients must be charged 0.03% for commodities.
    Sharekhan Sub Broker – Brokerage Charges to Clients
    Here are the brokerage charges levied by Sharekhan Sub Broker to their clients
    What are Equity Intraday charges? 0.10%
    How much are Equity Delivery charges? 0.50%
    How much is the charge levied on Equity Options? Rs.50 per Lot
    How much are the Currency Options charges? Rs.30 per Lot
    What are Equity Futures charges? 0.10%
    What are the charges levied on Currency Futures? 0.10%
    What are the charges levied on Commodity Trading? 0.03%

    What are the Account Opening Charges Levied to the clients of Sharekhan Sub Broker?

    Sharekhan franchise charges are also regulated for the partners to use. This is how they must charge the clients: –

    • There are no charges associated with account opening.
    • A margin money balance need not be maintained.
    • The Demat AMC is to be charged at Rs. 400 per annum.
    • There are no charges for the Trading AMC.
    • Transaction charges are limited at 0.00325%.
    Sharekhan Franchise – Account Opening Charges to Clients
    Here are the account opening charges levied by Sharekhan Franchise to their clients
    What are the Account Opening Charges? Zero
    What is the Margin Money required? Not required
    What is the charge for Demat AMC? Rs.400 (Free for 1st year)
    how much are Trading AMC charges? Zero
    How much is the Transaction Charges levied? 0.00325%

    How to become a Sharekhan Partner or Sub Broker?

    Sharekhan is one of the longest-standing full-service brokers in India. They have evolved immensely in these years and have brought various new products and facilities into their offerings.

    You can join Sharekhan and become a full-time Sharekhan Partner in two ways – by becoming Sub broker/Power Broker or becoming Independent Financial Advisor.

    To be associated with Sharekhan, you can fill out the form from the website and give the basic details. The company’s representative will get in touch with you and help you with the entire process.

    The team will provide all the help related to document submission or understanding your role as a sub-broker.

    Documents required to become Sharekhan Authorized Person

    Sharekhan Sub Broker program is a quick and convenient process. There are harsh qualifications barriers. Your passion will lead the way for you and benefit in taking off your career as a Sub Broker.

    Following is the list of the documents you will be required to submit:

    • Identity proof
    • Address proof
    • Registration certificate
    • Experience certificates
    • Academic qualification certificates
    • Security deposit cheque
    • Proof of investments

    Why Partner with Sharekhan?

    Sharekhan has set its position in the top 10 stock brokers of India. And its position is growing continuously.

    With the introduction of innovative products, the newest technology, readily available staff, market research tools, and other important features, it has maintained the trust of its customers.

    Sharekhan Franchise has numerous offerings for its customers to cater to their investment quest.

    Sharekhan keeps bringing new offers for its sub-brokers. They share an incredibly high revenue sharing of up to 70% of the revenue.

    It provides you with all the marketing and training support so that your ship is never this stormed. You get access to its technology, platforms, and features like a stock recommendation.

    Sharekhan Franchise – Pros & Cons


    The support of a reputed brand that needs no introduction in the market. The brand name itself does the work and brings you many new customers.

    The revenue-sharing model of the Sharekhan Partner Program allows you to earn as high as 70% of the revenue generated through your brought clients.

    A wide range of products and services to offer your clients and an opportunity for you to earn more.

    Sharekhan has a strong online presence, and all account openings can be done online. This provides great convenience to the customers in new account openings.


    Sharekhan demands a significant initial investment from prospective sub-brokers. Sharehkan has a weaker offline presence as compared to its online presence.

    Sharekhan Franchise Registration

    Sharekhan Franchise can bring a new spark to your career graph. You can earn well with so much potential and many earning opportunities.

    The requirements for becoming a sub-broker are not too stringent. They require the applying individual to be a graduate in finance or related and have experience in the financial market as a sub-broker.

    These requirements make it easier for the individual to understand their job and contribute with their best skill set.

    Registration for Sharekhan Sub Broker is available online on the company’s website. Once you submit the form, the process will be commenced.

    Earning the potential of a Sharekhan Partner / ROI

    Before starting a Sharekhan Business Partner, knowing how much you will be earning from this partnership and whether it is profitable for you is crucial.

    So, to answer that, we would say, with Sharekhan, you can earn up to 70% of the revenue. This is one of the highest revenue-sharing ratios among many other stock brokers.

    Sharekhan Authorised Person – Products Offered

    Sharekhan is one of the popular stock brokers in India, and it has earned this popularity by offering every type of financial instrument and assisting them in their utmost favor.

    As a Sharekhan Authorised Person, you can offer. Your customers can pursue trading in a variety of investment tools, to name a few:

    • Equity Trading
    • Derivative Trading
    • Currency Trading
    • Mutual Fund & SIP
    • Bonds
    • IPO
    • Portfolio Management Services

    Sharekhan offers you research tools using which you can trade with positive returns, and you will have to go through the dilemma of which investment is good.

    What are the Customer Ratings of Sharekhan Authorised Person Program?

    The Sharekhan franchise ratings as given in the chart above are explained below: –

    • 3.60/5 for revenue sharing.
    • 3.50/5 for security deposit needs.
    • 4.00/5 for the experience.
    • 4.00/5 for offers.
    • 3.80/5 for their trading platforms.
    • 3.71/5 on their overall performance.
    Sharekhan Franchise Customer Ratings
    Find Client Ratings & Reviews against multiple parameters for Sharekhan
    According to Revenue Sharing Model of the Franchisor 3.60 / 5
    Ratings as per Security Deposit provided by the company 3.50 / 5
    As per Experience in the Sub Broker Business 4.00 / 5
    As per Offers provided by the Broking Franchise 4.00 / 5
    Ratings as per Mobile Trading App & Trading Platforms 3.80 / 5
    Overall Ratings of the Sub Broker Franchise 3.71 / 5
    Star Ratings ★★★★☆

    Sharekhan Franchise Conclusion

    The Sharekhan Franchise can be trusted with their services. That’s all we can say to conclude.

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