Coimbatore Capital Franchise or Sub Broker – Find Revenue Sharing, Security Deposit and more

In this critique, we would be giving you handy notes about the Coimbatore Capital Franchise and the procedure to be one of them.

If you are engrossed with the thought of becoming a Coimbatore Capital Sub Broker, then this is something you don’t want to miss. For you will learn answers to most of your enquiries regarding concerns of being tied with them.

All sorts of questions like how to register with Coimbatore Capital, what documents are necessary, what are the eligibility criterion and what the income sharing percentage is, everything will be elucidated here.

Coimbatore Capital Sub Broker Highlight
Top Business ModelSub Broker
Initial Investment RequiredRs.25,000 – Rs.100,000
Revenue Sharing50% – 75%
Payout Time35 Days
SB Code Activation Time30 Days

Coimbatore Capital Franchise SubBroker

What do you know about Coimbatore Capital Franchise?

Coimbatore Capital is an experienced Public, Full Service Broker which started their operations in India, in 1995. Coimbatore capital’s creator, Mr D. Balasundaram, launched the company during the mid-nineties in Coimbatore, the Manchester city of India.

If you have been planning to get correlated with the company as a Coimbatore Capital Sub Broker, then you definitely won’t regret as they are an incredibly patent and rational organization.

Their mode of payment is also trouble-free and customary, mostly following a 35-day payout cycle. Being a Coimbatore Capital Franchise is not a very intricate task either, the whole turning time of the request to get the activation code is only a month.

Coimbatore Capital Business Partner Overview
Here is the overview of Coimbatore Capital Franchise
What type of Company is it? – Public / PrivatePublic
What is the Broker type?Full Service Broker
Where is the Headquarter located?Coimbatore, T.N
Who is the Founder?D.Balasundaram
What is the year of establishment?1995
How many days does it take for SB Code Activation?30 Days
How many days/weeks it takes for Payout?35 Days

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What are the various Business Models that Coimbatore Capital Sub Broker Program provides?

To become a Coimbatore Capital Franchise, you need to abide by a very straightforward process. They are one of the most uncomplicated organizations; therefore their business models are unpretentious and simple too.

They function in two models, i.e., the Sub Broker model and the Referral Program model. This allows you to become a Coimbatore Capital Sub Broker or a Coimbatore Capital Agent but not a Remisier or a Master Franchisor.

  • Sub Broker / Authorised Person
  • Referral Program

Coimbatore capital Sub broker / Authorised person

Coimbatore Capital Share Broker business model is one of the vital models that are there in this trade. The authorized personal model says that an individual is chosen by a trading associate and gives access to a stock exchange manifesto as a stockbroker mediator.

This model in addition to that depends on its profits and business from its client base.

Coimbatore capital referral program

Coimbatore Capital Referral Program is a model in which a person can receive an incentive for referring.

In this referral program, folks need to refer to any relative or friend. The person gets the incentive only if the person they referred to open an account.

Coimbatore Capital Franchise Business Models
Know about various Business Models of Coimbatore Capital
Is the Sub Broker business model available?Yes
Do they provide Referral Program?Yes
Do they provide Master Franchise Model?No
Does this broker provide Partner / Remisier model?No

How does Coimbatore Capital Sub Broker Revenue Sharing work?

The Coimbatore Capital Franchise Revenue sharing model is very brisk and visibly defined. Since they have two working Sub Broker model, the revenue percentage is too clear for everyone. They admit the labors of their business cohorts and confer grant highest allowable share.

If your cohort with them, then your Coimbatore Capital Sub Broker Commission would be just about 50 to 75 per cent and you Coimbatore Capital Referral Program Commission would be about 10 to 20 per cent of the total returns made by you.

The higher income share can be conferred if you promise them of a greater income generation or a well-built business quantum.

Coimbatore Capital Sub Broker Revenue Sharing
Find the details of Coimbatore Capital Sub Broker Commission for all Business Models
What is the revenue sharing for Sub Broker program?50% – 75%
Do they provide revenue sharing or direct pay for Referral Program?10% – 20%
How much is the revenue sharing Master Franchise business?NA
How much is the revenue sharing required for Partner / Remisier model?NA

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What is the Coimbatore Capital Business Partner Security Deposit requirement?

Above all, the Coimbatore Capital Franchise Cost is not as much as other market competitors. Numerous companies charge an immense amount, which from some time to time goes up to Rs 5lacs along with a one-time security credit.

Though, with this establishment, your total Coimbatore Capital Sub Broker Investment would be something between Rs 25,000 to Rs 1,00,000 and absolutely nothing for Coimbatore Referral Program Investment.

This variance in the security credit amount is too for an odd reason. If you have an active business setup or a solid customer base and if you promise to provide a huge degree of business to the corporation, you can with no trouble paying for a less investment.

Coimbatore Capital Franchise Security Deposit
Check the Coimbatore Capital Franchise cost requirement for each business model
How much is security deposit required for Sub Broker Program?Rs.25,000 – Rs.100,000
Is there any security deposit required for Referral Program?Zero
What is the initial investment required for Master Franchise Model?NA
What is the deposit required for Partner / Remisier Model?NA

What are the various Offers rolled out by Coimbatore Capital Authorised Person Program?

You can be sure to get many Coimbatore Capital Sub Broker Offers if you register with them. Flexible Revenue Sharing is one of the most important deals that you obtain from them. Moreover, they also have the Zero Deposit and the 10k Initial Deposit choice for you.

This means that you can go ahead working with them with a small deposit of Rs 10,000. Then again, choices like Flat Revenue Sharing and Zero Revenue Sharing with Prepaid are not obtainable in the list of Coimbatore Capital Franchise Offers.

Coimbatore Capital Sub Broker Offers
Here is the list of Coimbatore Capital Franchise offers available to the clients
Do they provide Flexible Revenue Sharing offer?Yes
Are they providing Flat Revenue Sharing offer?No
Do they offer Zero Revenue Sharing model with Prepaid payment?No
Do they provide Zero Deposit scheme?Yes
Are they offering 10k Initial Deposit scheme?Yes

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What are the various Supports provided to Coimbatore Capital Business Partner?

As a business associate, you positively can look forward to a lot of facilities in the form of Coimbatore Capital Franchise Support. They devote a lot in training their associates and hence the Dealing Training is done by Coimbatore Capital itself.

As a part of the Coimbatore Capital Partner Support, you can expect Back-Office Support from their side as well and also support related to trading and advice for you and your customers.

Conversely, they do not offer any type of support in the marketing field or training in the acquisition and product department, these are the only things you will have a deal with yourself.

Coimbatore Capital Business Partner Support
Here are the various Support Coimbatore Capital Franchise needs to provide to their clients
Do they provide Acquisition Training to their associates?No
Do they provide Training for Dealers of their sub brokers?Yes
Are they providing Product Training for their business partners?No
Do they provide Back-Office Support for their authorised person?Yes
Are they providing Trading Support to their business partners?Yes
Are they sharing Advisory Support with their partners?Yes
Does the broking house provide Marketing Support to their sub brokers?No

Which is the Infrastructure required for Coimbatore Capital Sub Broker Program?

The Coimbatore Capital Partner Requirement when it comes to infrastructure is also exceptionally level-headed and conformist. They don’t have any glitzy demand or expectation from their associates to uphold high standards for infrastructure.

The organization wants you to keep a small office space for running the business of approximately 100 sq ft with no such obligation in the number of employees to be hired for the business.

A few other things as a part of the Coimbatore Capital Sub Broker Infra Requirement would be fundamental supply like access to trading terminals in the office.

Coimbatore Capital Partner Infrastructure Requirement
Find the various Infra required to take up Coimbatore Capital Franchise
What is the Employee Strength needed to start this franchise?Not Mandatory
Do the Sub Broker needs to provide Trading Terminals?Yes
Is the Internet Connection mandatory to take up franchise?No
Are Telephone Lines mandatory for Business Partners?No
Is it mandatory to provide Research Services by Sub Broker?Yes
How much is the size of Office Area required to become a Sub Broker?Minimum 100 Sq Ft

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What are the eligibility criteria to become a Coimbatore capital partner?

Like some other brokers, they also have their Coimbatore Capital Sub Broker Eligibility that means they would test your eligibility criteria before officially stating you as their sub-broker. The basic directives are that you must have your sub-broker registration done as per NSE/SEBI rules.

You should have an NCFM certification in DP/F&O/Cash. You must have the arrangement to have customers’ registration as per NSE conventions. Also must present your rental agreement for the office space.

Must also own computer systems with a bare minimum configuration of 2GB Ram, Dual-core or higher, CD ROM Drive, 250GB HDD or higher, 17” monitor with windows 7 installed or higher and good anti-virus software.

The place should also have the facility of a TV/UPS/Printer as a part of their infrastructure and you must have the statutory board fixed as mandated by NSE.

What is the brokerage charges levied to the Clients of Coimbatore Capital Partners?

You can moreover claim about their brokerage charges as Coimbatore Capital Partner Charges to be one of the lowest across the industry.

For Equity Intraday your customers will be charged a mere 0.02 per cent, for Equity Delivery only 0.25 per cent of the transaction value.

The options are charged on a per lot basis, for both Equity Options and Currency Options they charge Rs 10 per lot. For Equity Futures they charge 0.02 per cent and for Currency Futures, they charge 0.03 per cent of the full worth of the trade.

Commodity charges are just 0.04 per cent. Hence, if you evaluate the Coimbatore Capital Authorized Person Charges, you will see it is one of the lowest in the market. Thus, it is a fine way to attract more customers.

Coimbatore Capital Sub Broker – Brokerage Charges to Clients
Here are the brokerage charges levied by Coimbatore Capital Sub Broker to their clients
What are Equity Intraday charges?0.02%
How much are Equity Delivery charges?0.25%
How much is the charge levied on Equity Options?Rs.10 per Lot
How much are the Currency Options charges?Rs.10 per Lot
What are Equity Futures charges?0.02%
What are the charges levied on Currency Futures?0.03%
What are the charges levied on Commodity Trading?0.04%

What is the Account Opening Charges Levied to the clients of Coimbatore Capital Sub Broker?

You can be confident about the account opening charges with Coimbatore Capital. Your customers will be charged the subsidized tariff under the Coimbatore Capital Franchise Charges. There is a small account opening charge of Rs 250.

The Margin Money to be paid is as low as Rs 1,000. On the other hand, for Demat Account Maintenance, your clients will be charged Rs 399 per annum. There is no AMC charge for Trading Account though. Lastly, there is a transaction charge of 0.00325 per cent,

thus charging the clients thoughtfully as per the Coimbatore Capital Sub Broker Charges with no more extra charges.

Coimbatore Capital Franchise – Account Opening Charges to Clients
Here are the account opening charges levied by Coimbatore Capital Franchise to their clients
What are the Account Opening Charges?Rs.250
What is the Margin Money required?Minimum Rs.1,000
What is the charge for Demat AMC?Rs.399 per Annum
how much are Trading AMC charges?Free
How much is the Transaction Charges levied?0.00325%

What is the Customer Ratings of Coimbatore Capital Authorised Person Program?

If you are searching for a trustworthy and outspoken opinion about the organization, the Coimbatore Capital Sub Broker Review and the client ratings could surely help you make decisions.

The Revenue Sharing Model has a rating of 2.4 out of 5, the Security Deposit has a rating of 2.2 out of 5, and for Experience, they get a 2.6, 2.3 for Offers and a 2.5 for Mobile apps and Trading Platforms.

This brings down their overall Coimbatore Capital Franchise Rating to 2.3 out of 5.

Coimbatore Capital Franchise Customer Ratings
Find Client Ratings & Reviews against multiple parameters for Coimbatore Capital
According to Revenue Sharing Model of the Franchiser2.4 / 5
Ratings as per Security Deposit provided by the company2.2 / 5
As per Experience in the Sub Broker Business2.6 / 5
As per Offers provided by the Broking Franchise2.3 / 5
Ratings as per Mobile Trading App & Trading Platforms2.5 / 5
Overall Ratings of the Sub Broker Franchise2.3 / 5
Star Ratings★★★☆☆

Coimbatore Capital Franchise Conclusion

Coimbatore Capital Franchise is the most admired and well-known stockbroker franchise in South India. It is decent at giving wide-ranging trading services and products for the satisfaction and convenience of the clients.

As a Coimbatore Capital Sub Broker, you will get the opportunity to reach greater heights.

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